Our solutions will help your employees achieve their health goals while lowering costs for the company bottom line.

Our Plan

At Actin Care Groups, we believe patients should engage with doctors and medical professionals before they need treatment for an illness or injury. We want beneficiaries to engage with our primary care providers to actively improve their health and care. Patients are empowered through education on available health care choices and effective management of their conditions.

We Are a Wellness Plan

Our plan does not have a wellness program; it is a wellness program. Members self-report to us annually on a series of structured questions so we understand their health care needs. Our Primary Care Providers use this information combined with a panel of laboratory studies drawn annually to evaluate each Member at a yearly visit.

How We Save Money

ACTIN saves employers money by: 1) allowing employers to keep 100% of unspent claims dollars. 2) receiving a rebate on stop-loss insurance premium if ACTIN’s employer plans perform well. 3) realizing annual premium cost escalation at the level of economy-wide inflation. 4) having a healthier work force.