At Actin Care Groups, we believe patients should engage with doctors and medical professionals before they need treatment for an illness or injury. We want Members to engage with our physicians, nurse practitioners and specialists to actively improve their health and care. Members are empowered through education on available health care choices and effective management of their conditions.

We select a small group of of top-rated primary care providers, specialists and hospitals as partners and negotiate payments that align with our care objective, which is overall patient wellness. Detailed patient data is paired with one-on-one, personal communication with primary care professionals who aren’t rushed to treat dozens of patients in a single day.

We strive to improve health outcomes, refine our services and lower healthcare costs.   Employees share in the employer’s savings through reduced or no copays or coinsurance. And we don’t use deductibles.

Employers build and we support a plan  that is right for the company and its employees.