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Most services in our Plan, such as emergency and urgent care and common outpatient services, are available close to home. Members, however, must drive for specialty visits, inpatient admissions and outpatient procedures to Hoffman Estates or Elk Grove Village. Most specialists have offices in or near Hoffman Estates. The 350 Members of our 4 employers in Rockford, Illinois drive 45 minutes to Hoffman Estates for specialty care and 60 minutes to Elk Grove Village. 60% of Members never leave town in a year. Of the 40% that make the drive for specialty care, the average number of trips is 2.5 per year.

Think about how many times you or your family have travelled to get best care for a serious condition. Doctors do it routinely for their own care. Our Members do as well. The average person does not have a basic understanding of quality of medical care and does not make decisions based upon it, that is, until they first access perceptibly good or perceptibly bad care. We find that after Members go to Alexian or see Alexian specialists they are convinced of the quality of care they receive.

After a year or more of a company’s enrollment in our plan we asked employees several questions about their preferences and satisfaction with the plan. 143 of 160 employees responded. Here are the percentage of respondents who agreed/strongly agreed/neither or disagreed/strongly disagreed/neither. “Neither” for the questions about satisfaction with primary care, specialty care and the drive to Alexian often meant that the individual was new to the plan or had not accessed services:

  • “I am satisfied with the quality of my specialty care.”
  • 64% agreed/strongly agreed. 86% agreed/strongly agreed/neither
  • “I am satisfied with the quality of my primary care.”
  • 78% agreed/strongly agreed. 88% agreed/strongly agreed/neither
  • ACTIN effectively informs me about how my health plan works and promptly resolves issues that arise in my care.
  • 85% agreed/strongly agreed. 96% agreed/strongly agreed/neither
  • “I would prefer a plan with a $2,000 deductible with care available at a local hospital and ability to see any PCP I want to ACTIN’s plan.”
  • 64% disagreed/strongly disagreed. 90% disagreed/strongly disagreed/neither
  • “I would prefer a plan with a $1,000 deductible with care available at a local hospital and ability to see any PCP I want to ACTIN’s plan.”
  • 46% disagreed/strongly disagreed. 76% disagreed/strongly disagreed/neither
  • The drive to Alexian hospitals and specialists is not a problem for me relative to the quality of care I receive and the low out-of-pocket cost.
  • 52% agreed/strongly agreed. 76% agreed/strongly agreed/neither
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