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What Our Employers & Members Say


ACTIN helped our business set up an affordable, cost controlled and reliable health insurance program for our employees. When we started looking at pricing to offer health insurance to our employees the costs were outrageous for us and high deductibles for our staff. ACTIN worked with us to find a self-insurance solution that we could afford and lets us have some say in our costs and the coverage the insurance will provide. This health care is sustainable for us as a business and will continue to be even as our company continues to grow. ACTIN has also helped us set up onsite visits from our doctor, so our employees don’t always have to travel to get the care they need. We’re so glad we found ACTIN and to have them partner with us to provide a great solution for our employee’s healthcare.

Kurt StrickerOwnerPound Bakery and Pedigree Ovens

ACTIN has made our health care insurance a wonderful benefit and helps us compete in the job market.

Health insurance shopping has always been a nightmare. I always cringed at the high increases in insurance premiums. To cope with the high costs of insurance, we had to offer our employees a high deductible plan.

The ACTIN plan changed that strategy. For Rockford Bolt, the plan provided better health care coverage at an affordable premium.

With ACTIN, our employees have a lower and better deductible. The health care mindset has changed at Rockford Bolt. Instead of being reactive, employees are being encouraged to be proactive in health decisions. Illnesses are being addressed before they become major issues. ACTIN makes this easy by doing the blood work on site and scheduling a wellness checkup with every enrolled employee. People who haven’t seen a doctor in years are now going on scheduled visits. The prescription side also follows along these lines. Prescription medicine with the low co-pays is now affordable for our employees. This year, for the first time, thanks to ACTIN, Rockford Bolt offered the flu shot to all employees. We have noticed a decrease in absenteeism. Employees are noticing that they are not getting sick this year as they have in prior years.

The local doctor is very personable and easy to reach. When the Rockford doctor recommends a specialist, I thought driving to Hoffman Estates would be an issue. It’s not. Given the option of a high deductible or a 45-minute drive for better health care, the employee is willing to make the drive. We have found that our employee is well satisfied with their care and the drive is not an issue.

Based on our one year experience, I would recommend ACTIN to any employer who wants to have better control of their health care costs and increase their health care benefit. This last year has been a win-win. The premium for Rockford Bolt is affordable and the health insurance benefit increased and the employees are appreciative.

L.B.Operations ManagerRockford Bolt and Steel Company

The benefit to our employees having transitioned to ACTIN Care is hard to overstate. Before, they were subject to an expensive, high deductible plan which really impacted the health of our employee population negatively. In contrast, under our ACTIN Care program, our employees actively seek and receive care as needed, and the company is the better for it.

Kraig ReichwaldPresidentCustom Metal Products

Our partnership with ACTIN Care has really done two things–first, its given us predictability and control over costs. In what is an otherwise out of control health care market, we’ve been able to stabilize, and in many instances, reduce our health care expenditures year-to-year. Second, we’ve been able to dramatically improve quality of care and outcomes for our employees—all at a sustainable and well-managed cost level from the company’s perspective.

Jon ReidyExecutive Vice PresidentAircraft Gear Corporation

Our move to ACTIN Care was precipitated by what we viewed as healthcare costs which were spiraling out of control at was simply an unsustainable rate for us as a small company. ACTIN has contributed significantly to our ability to control our healthcare costs and has reversed the upward expense trend. And, as importantly, our employees are now getting better, more well-managed care than we were in our previous health plans.

Jim OlsonPresidentRockford Acromatic Products


I love that ACTIN encourages preventative care and the costs are low. Before having this insurance, I would always avoid annual checkups and blood-work because I didn’t want to pay a few hundred dollars.

Pound Bakery and Pedigree Ovens Employee

The best part about ACTIN’s coverage is how affordable it is. Under past coverage I would pay twice as much money for worse coverage and higher deductibles. With ACTIN my costs are lower, and the coverage is much better.

Pound Bakery and Pedigree Ovens Employee

We are extremely happy with the care we receive from the ACTIN Staff. They always take the time to explain to us what we need to do and how to do it so that we get the best outcome combined with the medical care Dr. Gray and his staff provide to us. Dr. Gray has seen us individually and we all have the same respect and trust for him. He knows how to best advise us and tells us in which areas we need to improve. It’s great because he allows us to feel in control and responsible for our own health without guilt or shame. ACTIN Care Groups has been the best health coverage we’ve ever had.

Lopez Family

I wanted to let you know all the staff I’ve dealt with at ACTIN have been AWESOME to work with! Very friendly, responsive and caring is the best description I can think of to explain service received.

M.S.Rockford Bolt and Steel

I am extremely happy with ACTIN Care Groups. It is my 1st experience with a health plan that actually wants us to see our providers and get on the right track towards good health. Before we had ACTIN Care, we had other insurance reps come to our place of employment and I asked a lot of questions and when I analyzed all the answers I realized that anytime I wanted to be seen I had to pay a lot of money and if I got sick I would get a huge bill. Almost as if they would punish us for using our health care benefits. This was not the case with ACTIN Care Groups. I was encouraged to start getting preventive services, and learn more about what I can do to help myself. When I did need a specialist, I was very nervous. But the specialists that ACTIN Care has selected are amazing. They’re friendly and really try to make you feel comfortable. Even when I went in for my surgery, I was so nervous and the doctor and his nurses which I had already met were there with me to make me feel better and smile and even joke and laugh with me. The ACTIN Care team is just like that also. They’re so friendly and quick to help us with questions and to orient us. It’s almost like we have the perfect team of health care professionals, insurance benefits, low out of pocket costs and a staff that will advocate for our best health possible. I am extremely happy with ACTIN Care and recommend this to everyone. Everyone deserves this type of excellent care.

R.V.Pedigree Ovens and Pound Bakery

We Only Contract with Best-in-Class Hospitals.

Healthgrades is a company that measures hospital quality, measuring among other things, complication rates of care. In 2022 4 Illinois hospitals ranked in the top 50 nationally. Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village and Presence Resurrection Medical Center are among the top 50 nationally.

We Only Contract with Best-in-Class Hospitals.

Healthgrades is a company that measures hospital quality, measuring among other things, complication rates of care. In 2022 4 Illinois hospitals ranked in the top 50 nationally. Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village and Presence Resurrection Medical Center are among the top 50 nationally.

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