Delivering proactive, patient-centered care. Improving our service, and patients, every day.

We are a system of top tier medical providers that deliver proactive, patient-centered care and an alternative to traditional health care plans. We support patients and providers by educating Members, coordinating care, paying close attention to the quality of care and outcomes and by constantly improving our service.

Actin Care Groups offers high-value health plans to self-insured companies that want to help employees and their families take control of their health and wish to take control of runaway health cost. Based on thorough wellness and health screenings, our Members receive personalized care not only to treat and manage illnesses but to prevent them in the first place.

Our primary care providers and specialists are specifically chosen based on proven track records of quality care, and their performance is measured. Patients can reach a medical professional 24/7. Our partner hospitals are recognized nationally for quality of care. We integrate infrastructure, communications, and information so that care is seamless and Members are fully informed.

Our Founder & CEO

Dr. Guy L. Clifton is CEO of Actin Care Groups, which establishes centers of excellence in primary and specialty care and coordinates care for employees of self-insured employers. He is the author of Flatlined: Resuscitating American Medicine, which proposes aligning provider payment with quality and efficient care.

What We Do

ACTIN Care Groups offers small employers (25-200 employees) a healthcare plan that heretofore could only be accessed by large employers. 80% of employers with 500 or more employees are self-insured. There are two important reasons for that.

What Our Employers and Members Say

Hear from our employers and members about their ACTIN Care Groups experiences.