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Who We Are

The Highest Quality Care at the Lowest Medical Cost

ACTIN’s plans are designed, owned, and managed by medical professionals -- not insurance companies. Doctors know from experience that high out-of-pocket cost is a barrier to Members accessing needed care. Such plans result in chronic illnesses becoming emergencies with poor medical outcomes and unnecessary cost.

Therefore, ACTIN’s plans have no deductibles. Out-of-pocket cost is modest and affordable for hourly workers. We facilitate our Members accessing needed care with tracking of preventive services, reminders and phone calls. Primary care, laboratory studies, nutritional counseling, and behavioral health services delivered in clinics have no out-of-pocket cost. Insulins and diabetic products have no out-of-pocket cost.

From Plan design to Plan management, ACTIN is uniquely a Medical Plan, not an Insurance Plan. The Insurance Model of healthcare financing emphasizes maximum choice of providers and minimal utilization of medical services. Neither leads to affordable, accessible, reliably high-quality care.

Our goal is to upend the Insurance Model of health care financing in the interests of employers, employees and their families. Our mission is to provide the Highest Quality Care at the Lowest Medical Cost.

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