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What We Do

ACTIN Care Groups offers small employers (50-500 employees) a healthcare plan that heretofore could only be accessed by large employers. 80% of employers with 500 or more employees are self-insured. There are 4 important reasons for employers to self-insure:

  1. Self-insurance allows employers to design their plan to most effectively save money and improve employee health. Insured plans are cookie cutter versions of the same plan.
  2. Self-insurance allows employers, not insurers, to keep the savings from their effective plan management.
  3. Annual cost escalation in our self-insured plans is at the level of economy-wide inflation.
  4. Most Wellness Programs leave employees with a report, but nothing happens. ACTIN closes the loop with the employee and spouse’s Primary Care Provider and reports population health to employers. ACTIN’s Wellness Plan materially improves population health.

ACTIN offers small Employers level-funded self-insurance with no risk beyond a fixed monthly premium-equivalent. Employers keep unspent claims dollars and they can expect savings above their premium in 3 out of 5 years. The longer a company is in the plan the greater the savings as Member health improves and premium rebates increase with the addition of more employers into ACTIN’s pool of employers.

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