ACTIN Care Groups offers small employers (25-500 employees) a healthcare plan that heretofore could only be accessed by large employers. 80% of employers with 500 or more employees are self-insured. There are three important reasons for employers to self-insure:

  • Self-insurance allows employers to design their plan to most effectively save money and improve employee health. Insured plans are cookie cutter versions of the same plan.
  • Self-insurance allows employers, not insurers, to keep the savings from their effective plan management.
  • Annual cost escalation in our self-insured plans is at the level of economy-wide inflation.

ACTIN offers small employers level-funded self-insurance with no risk beyond a fixed monthly premium-equivalent. Employers keep unspent claims dollars and they can expect savings above their premium in 3 out of 5 years. The longer a company is in the plan the greater the savings as Member health improves and premium rebates increase with the addition of more employers into ACTIN’s pool of employers.

We know our focus on wellness improves employee health and reduces cost. We believe it also improves employee productivity and enhances loyalty and retention. Employers who enroll with ACTIN offer their employees and families a benefit that is unheard of in the healthcare marketplace.

Our single mission is to provide employees and employers with the best medical outcomes at the lowest possible cost. We fulfill this mission by doing 3 things:

  1. We do not use deductibles or high out-of-pocket cost to control spending. These save money, but only in the short run when they discourage people from seeking care. In the long run, high deductibles cost plans money when Members’ untreated conditions decompensate. The result is that employers who stay in the insurance market rotate from one high deductible plan to another in search of the lowest prevailing rate, yet never avoiding substantial yearly increases.
  2. We aggregate employees and families of employers into what are effectively employer near site clinics. We have found that 75% of the workforce have either no primary care relationship or an ineffective one. We work with a small group of hand-picked, like-minded primary care providers who initiate all specialist referrals, help us coordinate care, and primarily manage common conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Our primary care providers are accessible to our Members. The result is Members trust their Primary Care Provider, understand their conditions, and then responsibly manage themselves. More on this in the tab “How we Improve Care?”
  3. We only contract with the fewest best-in-class facilities necessary to serve our Members’ needs. We offer best-quality facilities exclusivity in exchange for competitive pricing. Radiology, obstetric care, urgent care, laboratory services, primary care, physical therapy, urgent care and emergency care are always close to home. Our specialty hospitals are usually not the closest hospital, but they are always the best, closest hospital. People accept that a short drive is a small price to pay for the best medical outcome of a serious illness or condition. More on that in the “Transportation is Cheap; Healthcare is Expensive” Tab.